A new level from Fall Guys Season 4 has been revealed

Fall Guys balance on a pinball flipper
(Image credit: Epic)

The forthcoming Fall Guys Season 4 will have a sci-fi theme, and be called Fall Guys 4041. Because 4041 is the year it's set—a time of rocketships, robots, and space travel if the bumblethon battle royale game show's recent promos are anything to go by. One of the seven new levels coming with Season 4 has been revealed, and it's called Skyline Stumble. 

Skyline Stumble is a 60-player map that will include pinball flippers, or in the parlance of Fall Guys "Flippity Bippities", as well as "Chonky Buttons", "Spicy Light Swingers" and the more traditionally named forcefields and low-gravity zones. Although by tomorrow they'll probably have been redubbed Homie Domies and Floaty Go-Byes.

New costumes coming to Fall Guys in Season 4 include a shark, a disco mirrorball, a man in black with a brainslug, and some kind of alien thing, I don't know. Season 4's release date will be announced on March 15, when a double fame point event begins.

Fall Guys developer Mediatonic was recently acquired by Epic Games.

Jody Macgregor
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