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Existing Elite: Dangerous owners will be granted Steam keys

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Elite: Dangerous

When Frontier Developments released Elite: Dangerous for Steam last month, those who had already purchased it via the studio's website loudly expressed their desire to transfer their game to the client. For a while it didn't look like that would ever happen, but now we have confirmation that it will.

"Thanks for your patience," the official Elite: Dangerous Twitter account posted last week. "We’ll soon offer Steam keys to anyone who bought Elite: Dangerous from our store."

In a post on the game's official forums, the studio urged future players to purchase the game directly from them, rather than on Steam (Steam takes a cut from all purchases made in its store). Those who do so will also receive a Steam key.

"From May 28 you’ll be able to generate a Steam key from your account page, and we’ll have full instructions right here on the forums closer to the time," the post reads.

"Elite: Dangerous runs on Frontier’s servers, so we’ve been working with Valve to give you a way to seamlessly connect your Steam and existing Frontier accounts in a way that’s easy."

Elite: Dangerous is well worth checking out if you haven't already, especially with fascinating player initiatives like this. Or maybe you just want to ram your spacecraft into other willing players? You can do that too.

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