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EVE: Valkyrie E3 trailer confirms that space is a dangerous place

E3 is over. For those that survived, it's a chance to stop, catch a breath, and let out a long, guttural scream at the visions that just won't stop. But while the conference centre itself is now barricaded for decontamination, the echoes of the show can still be felt. In fact, here's an E3 trailer, snuggled away in some dark corner of YouTube. It's for EVE: Valkyrie, CCP's Oculus powered space dogfighting game.

Yes, it's nice to see space battles. But Valkyrie is designed for use with the Rift, meaning that, even watching unbroken game footage, we're not getting the full effect.

For more Valkyrie, see Sam's preview .

Phil Savage
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