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EVE Online to get hi-res textures

EVE High Resolution Textures - Apocalypse

EVE Fanfest hasn't been an announcement-per-second whirlwind, but it has seen reveals of some long-awaited EVE Online features. Perhaps the most visually arresting of these is the unveiling of high-resolution textures, due to be implemented into the game later this year.

The textures are made possible thanks to a planned update to the way that EVE's client will handle information. Rather than download the full game, the client will prioritise the data that a player will actually see, and download new textures and assets on-demand as they're encountered.

Players will be able to opt-in to receive all data, and it's this optional process that allows the team to introduce hi-res textures. Only two such screenshots were shown on stage, and you can see them on this page.

The new client system and hi-res textures are due to be introduced sometime in 2015.

EVE High Resolution Textures - Tristan

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