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EKWB announces RGB cable tidies to fix a problem I didn't know I had

(Image credit: EKWB)

Cable management: the number one pet peeve of any PC modder. If you are one of the hapless souls who suffers from the debilitating ailment that is emplekosyrmaphobia (fear of tangled wires), EK is here to ease your distress. At least, they’re here to relieve a related distress that few knew even existed, until now.

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With the introduction of the EK-Loop CMS, you’ll have those pesky RGB wires under control in no time. This totally stylish, cable management solution lets you securely connect your RGB and D-RGB connectors so they don’t unplug themselves… 

Apparently such a mishap is “pretty usual during the transport of a PC or regular maintenance and dust removal.” I’m not so sure, EK. I mean, what the heck are you doing with your PCs, rolling them down hills?

They come in packs of six, black hook and loop touch fasteners, with subtle grey EK branding on the middle, complete with a similarly styled single self-adhesive fabric strap. Together these create the apex of cable management solutions, so you can rest easy knowing that your RGBs won't unplug themselves, willy-nilly.

If you're now feeling the fear that your RGB cables will come asunder, you can purchase the EK-Loop CMS pack for just $4.99 through the EK Webshop or across EK’s tangle of reseller partner networks. 

Well, I didn’t know I needed these in my life, but now I see the light, and said light is much less likely to become disconnected, now. Thank you EK, for opening my eyes, and for making our builds just that tiny bit less unruly.

Katie Wickens

Katie is a confessed logophile with a penchant for metaphor and an insatiable creative urge. She's also an RPG, sim and survival game enthusiast who harbours an overt disdain for MMOs, un-managed cables and software that doesn't include a dark mode.