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Dreamfall Chapters: Book One is out now

Dreamfall Chapters 1080

Eight years is hell of a wait for a cliffhanger, but the Dreamfall/The Longest Journey saga is finally continuing. Book One of the Kickstarted Dreamfall Chapters is now available for public consumption—the first of five planned episodes that, with luck, won't take another eight years to complete.

For those new to the series, the game takes place across the dual-worlds of Stark and Arcadia: one grounded in technology, the other in magic. Both The Longest Journey and Dreamfall were praised for their stories—particularly their characterisation—even if, as an adventure game series, one of them did require doing illogical things to a rubber duck.

The game costs £24/$30 on Steam, but will give you access to all five episodes as they're released. Below, you'll find a trailer from earlier in the year.

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