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Dota 2 update adds a trio of spirits and the return of Diretide


つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Have DIRETIDE. That's Valve's message to the community today, as they announce the impending release of Three Spirits for Dota 2. For some, the return of the much requested seasonal event is far from the most exciting thing about this update. To quote Chris on learning that a redesigned Storm Spirit would be making an appearance: "AAAAAAAAAAAAH!" He is a very happy man. Find out why, below.

The titular spirits of the update are the Radiant trio of Storm Spirit, Ember Spirit, and original DotA newbie Earth Spirit, who focus on Intelligence, Agility and Strength respectively. But the update doesn't just expand (or re-skin) Dota 2's already overwhelming roster. A round-up of new features will expand customisation, provide official support for in-game coaching, and give a new purpose to unwanted items.

For newer players, a training has been added to help perfect those vital last hits. In addition, those playing Limited Hero mode will have bots step in to replace players who abandon. For players who want to coach, they can join a game separately from players and spectators, and will have the power to draw on the map, and ping points of interest for their team.

A new socketing system will let you customise your items and mounts with a variety of Gems, which can imbue that item with new animations, colours, and stat boasts. A crafting system has also been introduced, letting you melt down unwanted items for more desirable replacements.

Finally, of course, there's the return of Diretide, the game's 'Halloween' event. Previously, Valve said they'd made some changes to how Diretide would work. Those aren't revealed on the game's update page, but players will soon find out first hand. The event will run from November 14 - 28.

Pop over to the Three Spirits micro-site for the update's full patch notes. Three Spirits should now be available on the test server. The public release is due out later today.

(Image source: 'scainburger' on Reddit )

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