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Dota 2 - The International 2 documentary video released by Valve

The International 2 was Valve's second-annual tournament for Dota 2 . Even with the game still in beta, a $1.6 million prize pool (with $1 million awarded to the champs) was dangled before teams, a purse exceeded in eSports only by League of Legends' Season Two Championship .

To coincide with the tournament, which took place at PAX Prime during the days connecting August and September, Valve commissioned a documentary that finally released today. The video features interviews with the 16 teams who competed, following them from the preliminary stages (held at Valve's offices) through to the finale itself.

What a strange, happy thing it is to have two technically independent developers--Valve and Riot Games--trying to out-spectacle one another as eSports. Though technical issues and instances of cheating slightly soured the League of Legends' Season Two Championship , it was a delight to watch. We're gaming in an exciting time, aren't we?

The Dota 2 YouTube channel has plenty of other video bits and interviews from The International 2, if you're hungry for more.

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