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Doom comes to Fall Guys on January 12

Doom characters in Fall Guys.
(Image credit: Mediatonic)

The incredibly popular Fall Guys teased something Doom-related a while ago, and the above trailer has just dropped for the three new costumes. And for once they're pretty decent: there's a chibi Cacodemon, a winningly gormless-looking Cyberdemon, and a rather acid green shade of Doom Slayer himself. I wonder what type of Fall Guy he would be.

The best thing about the trailer, incidentally, is the brief glimpse of a Doom-style aesthetic in a Fall Guys environment. That should've been a part of this tie-in. Who wouldn't fancy a bit of Takeshi's Castle in hell?

Fall Guys is currently in its third season and, although concurrent player numbers are nowhere near what they once were, it maintains a huge dailiy audience and a never-ending assembly line of, mostly, costumes. But hey, these ones are certainly a step up from the Sonic attempt. The Doom costumes arrive in Fall Guys January 12.