Fall Guys has sold ten million copies on PC

Fall Guys different guys one crown
(Image credit: Devolver Digital)

While concurrent player numbers may have been dropping, as expected after a bombastic launch month, Fall Guys is doing very well on the whole, according to Q3 2020 sales figures supplied through Unity's Q3 financial results. Under the point "Biggest Q3 gaming blockbusters powered by Unity", the statement reveals that Fall Guys has shifted ten million copies since release on Steam alone, three million up from the figure announced by publisher Devolver Digital three weeks after release. 

By comparison, Monster Hunter: World, the only game I can think of in terms of units right now, has sold just over 16 million copies across several platforms over two years. It's safe to say Fall Guys has done well. The official Fall Guys twitter account also wants it known that the game is very much alive and doing well, as exemplified by a recent tweet:

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Following the release of Fall Guys' latest mid-season update, the team at Mediatonic is now shifting focus to work on Season 3, and looking at this trend, it will likely convince even more people to join the party. 

(Thanks, VG247.)