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Dishonored's Dunwall City Trials DLC trailer features combat, explosions and rapping

In preparation for next week's release of Dunwall City Trials, Dishonored's first DLC drop, Bethesda have released a trailer showing off what the challenge pack contains. It's full of creative murder, combat and traversal through the Outsider's fragmented world, and is backed by Dan Bull's Dishonered rap - which is quite good in a "why would you ever do this?" sort of way.

The DLC is a collection of time-trial and score attack missions, set it a Dunwall that's been handily abstracted to heighten the scope for challenges. While it's unlikely to be the addition that anyone was really praying for, I think there is some benefit to a consequence-free series of playgrounds in which you can mess about with the game's skills and powers.

My Corvo is the silent, slow type who doesn't particularly enjoy murdering people (unless it looks cool or funny). A place outside of the campaign to mess about and let loose with grenades, crossbows and flesh-eating rat armies does have a certain appeal.

We'll find out if the Dunwall City Trials DLC has the depth and variety to satisfy that wish on December 11th.

Phil Savage
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