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Dell's all-AMD Black Friday Gaming laptop is just £807 right now

Dell G5 AMD gaming laptop black friday deal
(Image credit: Dell)

Sparking our interest, this Black Friday gaming laptop deal puts the already tasty sub-£1000 Dell G5, with its all-AMD config, down to an exciting £806.64. That's over £160 savings on a great laptop, that'll deliver a sturdy performance. Just use the coupon code 'BLACK15' at the checkout to get the extra 15% off. 

This is a great little machine, considering the Ryzen 5/Radeon RX 5600M pairing, it should be able to spit out 70+ FPS on ultra, with plenty of top games. Although, when it comes to super-heavy games like Metro Exodus, it does tend to chug along a bit, averaging around 45 FPS.

Black Friday deals

Black Friday deals

Black Friday 2020 deals: the place to go for the all the best Black Friday bargains.

This is to be expected from a gaming laptop that retails for under £1,000, though. That being said, the 144Hz refresh rate on the 1080p screen should bolster your reaction times. The 256GB SSD also means, as long as you don't overload it, it'll help the system run faster. We know game install sizes are going through the roof right now, so it's pretty easy to overload a storage device of less than 500GB with just a few games. So, maybe don't keep your whole steam library downloaded at once?

Dell G5 15 (AMD) | Ryzen 5 | RX 5600M | £968.99 £806.64 at Dell
With the code 'BLACK15', you get a total of £162.34 savings on a really well performing laptop. It manages to keep up with the more expensive Nvidia RTX 2060 configurations, and with a speedy 1080p 144Hz screen, you can get some fast paced gaming done, no problems. The only real downsides are weak speakers and a plastic lid—but if you wear headphones anyway, and are careful...View Deal

Dell G5 15 | Core i7 | RTX 2070 | £1,549 £1,316.64 at Dell
Similarly, the 'BLACK15' coupon code will grant an overall saving of over £250. For that price, you're getting a dandy 2nd Gen RTX GPU, backed by the powerful 10th gen Intel Core i7. It boast a speedy 144Hz screen, and though at 1080p you may not be able to see every tiny detail of the RTX heaven laid before you, it'll deliver great FPS, with minimal screen tear, on plenty of top games.View Deal

So while there's not many downfalls to the Dell G5's mid range AMD config, it may be a laptop best suited for those with more interest in speed than graphic quality. The alternative of course, for those who are on the RTX hype, you could spend about $500 more on the more powerful (but more power hungry) RTX 2070/Core i7 configuration. Your call.

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