Day Z photo diary


What a day

We hold at Black Lake in the northeast corner of Chernarus to commemorate the day and log off. Clark, Keenan, Andrew, Ben: we were a set of eyes and ears for eight hours. We didn't die. We did not die.

Kills: 38 zombies, one bandit

Team kills: 125+ zombies, two bandits

Farthest zombie kill: 585m (measured afterward in Arma 2's map editor)

Consumed: cooked meat, beans, water, soda, 60 CZ 550 ammunition, 9 Makarov pistol clips, 1 smoke grenade, 1 painkillers, 4 bandages

Water canteens refilled in lakes, ponds, or wells: 8

Animals killed: goat (2), cow (2), boar

Starting point: W of Kamenka

Ending point: Black Lake, N of Berezino

Distance traveled: 40+ kilometers

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