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The best Cyber Monday Gaming Chair deals you can sit on today

Cyber Monday gaming chair deals

Black Friday is over but Cyber Monday is here, and that means that the deals are still rolling—including this one on our best gaming chair of 2020, the Secretlab Omega, which you can pick up right for just $349. That's a pretty good cut off the regular $419 price tag, but if you'd rather spend a little less (or maybe a little more), we've got some other ideas, too.

The Best Cyber Monday Gaming Chair deals

Cyber Monday gaming chair deals

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Gaming Chairs
2. Office Chairs

The chairs in our list will hold you up properly in all the important ways, with adjustable height, lean, and optional features like neck and lumbar support—all very important, given how much time we're parked in them. They're stylish, too: Many are splashed with cool logos and flourishes of bright red and yellow, although if you're after a more reserved, office-appropriate look, there's plenty of basic black to go around, too.

In fact, the chairs that aren't overtly aimed at gamers are the ones that will really put the boots to your wallet. The Steelseries Gesture, for instance, is a whopping $849.15, and that's without optional features like a polished aluminum base or additional lumbar support. Herman Miller's Sayl Chair is on for $471.75 (from $555), a lot less than the Gesture but a lot more than many others. Obviously these are very high-end chairs, and if that's what you're after, this is a good time to make the move.

On the other side of the coin, in terms of both price and styling, is the Emerge Vartan from Staples, a red-and-black unit (although other colors are available) with head and lumbar pillows that's on for $139.99. It's got very solid user reviews and a seven-year warranty, and it's definitely worth a look if you're working with a tight budget. 

Whether you go all-in on the gamer aesthetic or keep your look low-key, a good chair is like a good mattress: You're going to spend a lot of time on it, so it's worth investing in a good one. And this is a good time to do it.

Below are the best deals we've found so far.

Cyber Monday Gaming Chair deals

Cyber Monday gaming chair deals

Best Gaming Chair

SecretLab Omega | $419 $349 at SecretLab (save $70)
Our favorite gaming chair is a good buy at its usual price, so this Black Friday discount makes it an easy choice. We appreciate its build quality, firm support, and memory foam pillows to customize it to your needs.View Deal

SecretLab Titan | $459 $389 at SecretLab (save $70)
A larger version of the SecretLab Omega, but otherwise essentially the same chair. Pick this one if you're over 6 feet tall or weigh 240 pounds or more. It's still a great chair, with excellent build quality and finish.View Deal

GTRacing Gaming Chair | $229.99 $135.99 at Newegg (save $94)
There are some big savings to be had on GTRacing chairs over on Newegg for Cyber Monday, with this classic red and black gaming throne receiving a massive 40% discount. The adjustable back rest reclines to 170 degrees and there are lumber and neck pillows to support you when gaming. View Deal

Emerge Vartan | $229.99 $139.99 at Staples (save $90)
This affordable gaming chair sports the now-classic racing aesthetic and comes with removable and adjustable neck and lumbar support. The armrests are also height-adjustable, and with a 7-year limited warranty, it should last you, too.View Deal

Respawn 200 Series Mesh | $299.99 $229.99 at Staples (save $70)
There's no getting away from it; if you're in place for a long gaming session, then your average faux leather-backed chair is going to give you sweaty back syndrome. But, with a breathable mesh back behind the lumbar cushion, the Respawn 200 aims to make that a thing of the past.View Deal

AKRacing Core Series EX| $349 $254.99 at Amazon ($94 off)
If you really want a lie-flat gaming chair, then AKRacing is going to be your jam, with its 180-degree recline. Unnecessary, I'll grant you, but the steel frame, adjustable armrests, lumbar support, and build quality mean the Core Series EX has other things to recommend it, too.View Deal

AKRacing Masters Series | $529 $420.98 at Amazon (save $109)
The more premium AKRacing seat has also had a price cut on Amazon. It's far from the cheapest chair in our list, but even so it's a pretty solid price for such a well-padded and full-featured gaming chair.View Deal

DXRacer Racing Series | $369.99 $299.99 at Walmart (save $70)
DXRacer chairs don't often come cheap, and still, at $300, this is no cheap gaming chair, but with $70 off, you're getting a quality racing-style seat with a healthy discount on the standard listing price. View Deal

Maingear Forma R and GT | $359 $334 at Maingear (save $25)
Thee are on the pricier side of gaming chairs, but are well built with a bevy of creature comforts, like 4D adjustable armrests, 165 degrees of reclining, full tilt capability, and included micro fleece breathable memory foam headrest pillow and lumbar support. The GT model is bigger and holds more weight, and costs the same.
View Deal

Cyber Monday Office Chair deals

Cyber Monday office chair deals

Steelcase Gesture | $999 $849.15 at Steelcase
A god-tier chair. Genuinely the most comfortable office chair you can buy, and the price shows it, though a slight $150 discount is on offer right now. You'll also find Steelcase discounts on Amazon.View Deal

Tempur-Pedic Task Chair | $349.99 $199.99 at Staples (42% off)
If you're in the market for a comfortable office chair without the gaming aesthetic, Staples has the Tempur-Pedic TP8000 task chair available for 42% off. It features TEMPUR memory foam cushion to keep your butt comfortable all day long.View Deal

OFM Mid Back Executive Conference Chair | $210.99 $90 at Newegg (save $121)
Newegg has some non-gaming chairs on sale this Cyber Monday too, with this executive conference chair enjoying a hefty 57% saving off its usual price. And this is definitely not here so that I can point people to the second image on Newegg's website which shows how powerful this chair is (by hiding it behind a desk looking down on lesser chairs). Honest.View Deal

What to look out for in a Cyber Monday gaming chair

Durability has to be one of the key tenets of any Cyber Monday gaming chair purchase, as does support. If your bargain purchase starts to expose its metal frame six weeks into life as your gaming throne, and the padding sags depressingly, then you might as well be perched on top of a beer keg for all the support you're getting.

At the very least, you need to make sure that the gaming chair you have your eye on can offer some lumbar support, as well as adjustable arm rests. When you're typing or WSADing at a desk, those elbows need to be raised just so. Neck pillows, or adjustable head rest, are also worthy of your time and money, but you also want to make sure you actually fit too.

It's not always easy to get a bead on a chair's size from an online search, so always check the measurements before dropping a dollar on a new seat. There will be maximum height and weight recommendations for most chairs, and that's absolutely worth paying attention to. 

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