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Crytek will show off live Hunt: Showdown gameplay this weekend during Extra Life

Extra Life, a charity that supports Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, becomes extra-visible once a year during its 24-hour gaming marathon event. It's a bit like the Jerry Lewis telethons of old, except instead of one guy on the teevee, it's thousands of gamers from around the world taking part, playing their favorites for a solid 24 hours (or whatever they can manage) and livestreaming their fun/suffering for those of us who'd prefer to support the effort by donating money and getting a decent night of sleep. 

Crytek is one of the studios taking part in this year's event: From 10 am CET on November 4 to the same time on November 5, employees will take on games including Dark Souls, Overwatch, Cuphead, River City Ransom—and, from 2 to 4 pm and 6 to 8 pm, the studio's own new game, Hunt: Showdown. This will be the first-ever showing of live Hunt: Showdown gameplay, and separate two-hour stretches will provide plenty of opportunity to see it in all its glory, and also potential ugliness should there be problems.   

Given how promising Hunt: Showdown looks—"Favorite game of E3" and all that—it'll be nice to finally have the opportunity to see it running live and without a safety net. And luckily for those of us in North America, the timing isn't terrible: The first session will begin at 6 am PT/9 am ET (okay, that's pretty early) while the second will follow at 10 am PT/1 pm ET. You can catch the action on Crytek's Twitch channel, and donate to the cause if you are so inclined at the studio's Extra Life page

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