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Come write news for PC Gamer

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If the thought of scoops, breaking news and obsessively analysing teaser trailers for clues sets your heart aflutter, you should come and do those things for us—after you see your doctor about that heart condition, at least. 

PC Gamer is looking for a new staff writer to work with the news team and news editor to cover everything from industry events to labour disputes. You'll chase down stories; interview developers, publishers and people from beyond the games industry; develop your own sources and contacts; learn about the mystical, sometimes frightening power of SEO; and find out how to make good tweets. 

This is a full-time position based in the UK, though you will be able to work remotely. In addition to news, you'll also write previews, reviews, features and work with the UK, US and Australian teams to create group pieces. 

Key responsibilities include: 

  • Writing 3-5 news stories per day
  • Peer editing and collaborating with other writers
  • Developing industry contact who will yield future stories
  • Contributing to the wider editorial output
  • Helping with video and podcasts
  • Being a voice in planning meetings, helping to generate and refine feature ideas

You can find more details on the role and requirements in the overview, and then you can send in an application using this form, where you can upload a CV and cover letter. Tell us about yourself and your writing experience, and make sure to pop in some links to your past work on other publications or blogs. We welcome and encourage applicants from underrepresented groups to apply.

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