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What does the Call of Duty: Cold War Zed 398 Swift Clover error code mean?

CoD Cold War error Zed 398 Swift Clover
(Image credit: Activision)
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Having trouble with the CoD Cold War Zed 398 Swift Clover error code? If you've logged in to play Call of Duty: Cold War Season 1, there's a chance that you'll run into an error that stops you from joining multiplayer matches. So far it looks as though it's primarily affecting those playing on PC.

The new season introduces a shared progression system between Cold War and Warzone. This also means that all the Cold War weapons you've unlocked in Cold War will crop up in Warzone. There are new weapons to test out, new modes to dominate in, and three new operators. That's a lot of content to drop at once, and unfortunately it's resulted in a bumpy start to the season.

CoD: Cold War error Zed 398 Swift Clover: What is it?

What causes the error?

This seems to be a common problem that PC players are running into. I tried launching into a quickplay Cold War multiplayer match and received the error message almost immediately. Some Redditors have also reported that while trying to queue for the Nuketown Holiday map they've found themselves on the Nuketown '84 map instead. 

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Is there a fix?

Unfortunately there isn't a fix just yet, but Treyarch and their partners Beenox are on the case. Crossplay has been temporarily disabled on PC while they work on finding a solution, so you'll have to put your Cold War plans on hold for now. Thankfully, it looks as though this problem is only limited to Cold War's multiplayer modes, so you should be able to check out the new Warzone Rebirth Island map without running into technical difficulties. I'll be sure to update this guide when the situation changes.

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