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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 content collection to add maps and spec ops missions

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The Elite service hasn't made its way over to PC, but we'll still be able to get hold of the latest map packs for Modern Warfare 3 through a series of "content collections," which are very much like the CoD map packs of old. The first pack will contain four new multiplayer maps and, for the first time, two new co-op Spec Ops missions.

That's good news. Spec Ops is our favourite part of Call of Duty, and the two additional missions look quite promising. Negotiator sends you to India to rescue hostages. Black Ice brings puts you on snowmobiles, gives you explosives and sends you on a suicide mission to blow up a weapons cache hidden in a mine underneath a giant goddamn drill.

There are four new multiplayer maps as well, which all get a few moments in the limelight in the above trailer. These are all playable in survival mode too, which is nice. The pack is hitting the Xbox first on March 20, as is typical for CoD packs, but Activision say that "all content will be available to Premium Members on other available platforms at a later date." There's no word of a price, yet, though.

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