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Blizzard shows off Ana skins and the Volskaya Foundry map for Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard recently announced a lot heroes, skins and a new map for Heroes of the Storm, and this weekend they’ve shown off a bit more of Ana, Overwatch’s sniper mum, who will be appearing in the MOBA alongside her Aussie foe, Junkrat. The trailer also shows off all the new skins that are in development for other heroes, including D.Va and Varian.

Ana looks just like she does in Overwatch, though with different, optional colour schemes. Players will also be able to grab her sneaky Shrike suit, which I still think is her coolest skin. Other notable upcoming skins include Varian’s Soviet costume, which gives the Warcraft hero a fancy bearskin shoulder pad and, of course, a ushanka. 

Volskaya Foundry is aso heading to Heroes of the Storm. To prepare yourself for fights in this massive industrial compound, take a gander at the overview trailer below. 

You’ll be fighting over control points, just as you would in the Overwatch version, but in HotS you’re doing it so that you can command a devastating mech that requires two players to pilot, a bit like the hero Cho’gall.

All of this will be hitting the Nexus soon, with the next Heroes of the Storm patch. 

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