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Ana, Junkrat, and a giant two-player robot are coming to Heroes of the Storm

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Another Overwatch map is coming to Heroes of the Storm: Volskaya Foundry, a three-lane Battleground modeled after Overwatch's Russian robot factory. Players will battle over three Overwatch-style capture points, the reward for which is a giant rocket-punching robot that must be piloted by two players.

Volskaya Foundry is the second Overwatch-themed HotS map, joining the controversial Hanamura. Like Hanamura, Volskaya has Overwatch-styled map objectives, in this case control points (no payloads, thankfully) that behave similar to the ones from Overwatch's King of the Hill mode. Players will take control of the point by standing on it, earning progress toward capture until the enemy team takes control. And just like Overwatch, the progress meter won't tick to 100 percent if there's an enemy contesting the point. 

Controlling all three points rewards your team with a giant robot that controls like a super-powered version of the two-player Hero Cho'Gall. One player will handle movement, while the other controls the mech's guns and rocket-propelled fists. 

To make matters more interesting, the map's control points are surrounded by conveyor belts that will boost your movement—assuming you're running in the right direction. You won't get very far running in the opposite direction, and the moving walkways will also ferry stationary objects like Tyrael's sword. 

Volskaya Foundry isn't the only new Overwatch content heading to Heroes of the Storm. Two Overwatch heroes—the healing sniper Ana and demolitions expert Junkrat—have been revealed as the next two characters to join the HotS roster. In addition, there's some cool new skins and mounts on the way: Commandant Varian, Shrike Ana, Celestial Raptor and Invisible Horse, and the coolest D.Va skin we've seen: D.Va the Destroyer, modeled after the fearsome dragon Deathwing. 

Ana and the new Volskaya Battleground are planned to hit the HotS PTR next week, while Junkrat will be joining at a later date. Look for more info about Ana's abilities early next week.

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