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Blacklight studio has licensed Unreal Engine 4; is developing "psychological thriller game"

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Seattle-based developer Zombie Studios - the folk responsible for Blacklight: Retribution - has licensed Unreal Engine 4 for a forthcoming PC-only "psychological thriller game". Due in the second quarter of 2013, no other details are confirmed on the as-yet-untitled game, though we do know that it will be thrillingly psychological.

In a statement, Zombie Studios' creative studio head Jared Gerrtizen said the developer's interest was piqued at the 2012 Game Developers Conference, which saw the first unveiling of the engine to selected studios. "We've been able to work in ways we have only dreamed about with UE4, which will be a fundamental benefit to our studio as we move into the next generation of games and take our studio to the next level."

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