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Battleborn gameplay video shows colourful cooperative campaign and lots of shooting

Battleborn might have appeared unclassifiable when it was unveiled back in July , but with the arrival of this lengthy gameplay video it's pretty clearly a shooter. It's not a conventional shooter though, as MOBAs, RPGs and RTSs are all said to be influences. Creative director Randy Varnell and writer Aaron Linde offer commentary for the cooperative playthrough below, which showcases four distinct classes and, most strikingly, the game's hybrid art style.

Regarding the latter, there's definitely a Borderlands flavour to both the character design and world theme, which may relieve some of the tension associated with Gearbox's reluctance to talk Borderlands 3 (though there is The Pre-Sequel ). Based on the evidence below Battleborn will be a much leaner and more strategic proposition compared to Borderlands' blissfully mindless shooting and looting.

Check out the video:

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