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Battle Princess Madelyn teases new in-game footage in ghoul-slaying trailer

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Earlier this year we caught up with Christopher Obritsch, the indie developer whose boss is his 6-year-old daughter Maddi. Their game, Battle Princess Madelyn, marks Causal Bit Games' first project—one which scored over three times its original Kickstarter ask back in April. 

Boasting a flurry of spritely demon-slaying, big boss bashing and Ghouls 'N Ghosts-inspired 2D platforming, Battle Princess Madelyn now has a teaser trailer:

Expected at some point in the first half of next year, Battle Princess Madelyn brings with it a story mode as well as a ten-level Arcade mode designed for the "action hungry old school game player". Within each setting, protagonist Madelyn will get to grips with a host of weaponry, unique abilities and three different types of armour, as she bands around a fictitious slant on medieval Ireland. 

Here's Causal on what it's all about:

Loads of ghouls, demons and bosses to crush on your way to becoming the kingdom’s most powerful defender. Although Battle Princess Madelyn takes place primarily in a fictitious version of medieval Ireland, the game will, through obtaining a magical device, require Madelyn to be able to travel to other parts of the globe. Madelyn will meet her other grandparents in a snowy mountainside in Russia and do what she does best, save their village! 

Fight hordes of monsters in Spain, alongside a very special game cameo character. She will also tackle a possessed toy maker’s creation in Italy, and even save a girl to be sacrificed to appease a huge, lumbering monster in Germany. 

Causal promises more news and "exciting visuals" soon. Until then, find more information on the game's website.