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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla cosplayer resurrects ancient meme

A hunky viking getting ready to wig out.
(Image credit: Maul Cosplay)

One of the classic early-ish internet memes is the Technoviking, a video featuring an extremely buff man at Berlin’s quaintly-named Fuckparade in 2000. It’s hard to describe, because the appeal of this particular moment in time is wondering whether it’s real or staged - at certain times the ‘choreography’ is almost too perfect. But judging by the fact the Technoviking himself later sued the video’s creator, I’m guessing it wasn’t fake. Here’s the original (re-uploaded because of that court case). 

An equally hunky individual is the cosplayer Maul, who has been working on some sort of live-action Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla advert. Yes he’s being paid by Ubisoft to promote the game in some respect, so I’m a sucker, but if you’re going to assemble a medieval village and all these fine costumes then, well, doing a Technoviking tribute just seems like making the most of it.

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What makes this is the attention to detail, whether that’s replacing a water bottle with a mead flagon or the iconic ‘point’ that warns his fellow man away. Whatever its origins (geddit), this is a fine tribute to one of the primordial memes.