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As PUBG turns 3, plans are afoot for new maps, weapons and mechanics

(Image credit: PUBG Corp)

PUBG celebrates its third birthday today, and in a new blogpost, PUBG Corp has vaguely outlined its plans for the year ahead. While the game's next big 6.2 update is still on test servers, and includes a reworked Vikendi map and Team Deathmatch, more "map reworks, new maps, new weapons and mechanics" are also afoot.

Meanwhile, a set of free skins is being offered to celebrate the game's milestone. These were designed by members of the PUBG community as part of a competition, and include hoodie, M416 and parachute skins. These are available now, but most be acquired before April 23 or else you've missed the boat.

As for the Vikendi map update, it's still not quite ready. "We’re pouring over your data and feedback from the test to get it polished up before the train leaves the station. We want each new and reworked map to bring an entirely new experience to you all with fun and exciting new mechanics, so a big thank you to everyone in our community who tested it out and sent in your feedback."

Check out the full post here, and you can see the new skins below.

(Image credit: PUBG Corp)
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