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Anna Kendrick channels Obi-Wan in new Star Wars Battlefront trailer

Anna Kendrick

The lovely Anna Kendrick makes a Jedi-like appearance in the new live-action Star Wars Battlefront trailer, and that's never a bad thing. But for my Imperial credits, there's something about it that's a bit off. The eerie vibe comes across more like The Leftovers than Star Wars, as people just disappear into the ether, without warning or reason, leaving behind nothing but their Earthly duds.

It's obviously a riff on Obi-Wan Kenobi's demise on the Death Star, as Anna helpfully reminds us near the end, but as I recall he had to be chopped in half before he could achieve that higher state of being. I would suggest that perhaps it's evidence that Disney-era Star Wars will be a kinder, gentler (or at least, less visibly murderous) place than it was in 1977, but then I remember this.

Star Wars Battlefront comes out on November 17. If you're an Nvidia owner, there's a new Game Ready Driver you'll probably want to grab before then.

Andy Chalk
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