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Alien: Isolation is half-price until 6pm GMT

Alien: Isolation

We're only days away from what the Americans call "Black Friday," and what everyone else in the world calls "What The Hell Is Black Friday?" It signifies a weekend trapped in a dizzying fugue state of frenzy, regret and impulsively purchased cheap games.

Nevertheless, when a particularly good deal emerges, we like to separate it out from the pack—isolate it, if you will. Then, you can hunt it down, and jump out at its lowered price like some unstoppable killing machine.

All of which is to say that Alien: Isolation is currently half-price on the Humble Store. That makes it £16/$25.

That's one of the best prices I've yet seen for the one of our highest rated games of this year. The deal only lasts for the next few hours: ending later today at 6pm GMT.

And now, as was the agreed upon price for news stories about sales, here is a picture of a stoat:

Image Source: Phil Haynes

Image Source: Phil Haynes

Phil Haynes

Phil Savage
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