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Abilities for a steam-themed Apex Legends character have leaked

(Image credit: Electronic Arts)

A dataminer claims to have uncovered the abilities of Pariah, a new legend coming to Apex Legends. (She probably won't be the next legend added to the roster, since details of others characters leaked prior.) According to dataminer Tobias, aka @Biast12, Pariah's tactical ability is a sonar grenade that reveals hidden enemies for 15 seconds—presumably a wallhack effect. Her ultimate, called Sacrificial Romantic, involves setting off a device that releases "a flurry of steam in all directions" but restricts her from moving, and her passive, Aplomb Training, makes her immune to that steam as well as stun effects, and lets her see enemy health bars.

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In a game as movement-focused as Apex Legends, being stuck in place during an ultimate seems like a high price to pay, but then we don't know how long she'll be frozen for. The fact she's been given immunity to damage from the steam suggests the blast radiates from the "SDM device" rather than her, so perhaps Pariah will be able to plant the device then head for cover before setting it off. Or maybe she's just expected to take one for the team, since it has the word "Sacrificial" in its name after all.

That ability to see health bars would make a communicative Pariah player a great asset to have on a team—able to let you know whether someone's one shot away from being finished off, or heavily shielded.

Of course, like all leaks this information should be taken with a grain of salt and could change dramatically by the time Pariah makes it into Apex Legends. Plus, Respawn have a history of messing with players. Remember Forge? Yeah.

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