Ubisoft promises two major updates for Ghost Recon Breakpoint this year

Ghost Recon Breakpoint screenshot
(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Ghost Recon Breakpoint was released back in 2019, and received generally-poor reviews for its tedious gameplay and all-over-the-place design. Ubisoft promised that it would continue to update the game based on player feedback, and now the company has revealed what's changing this year.

Ubisoft reiterated last month that Ghost Recon Breakpoint would receive a few updates throughout 2021, and now a roadmap has been published. There are two major updates planned for this year: the 'Teammate Experience Update,' and a fall update that Ubisoft is keeping secret for the moment.

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

The Teammate Experience Update is primarily focused on improvements to AI teammates. Ubisoft says you'll be able to "discover a new XP progression for your AI squad, and unlock new passive skills and abilities as you play." There will also be a dedicated quest log for experimenting with the new AI squad features, granting rewards for trying them out, presumably in the hope that you think they're cool.

The first update is set to arrive at the "end of spring," and both patches will be free to all players. Ghost Recon Breakpoint is currently available from the Ubisoft Store (or free with Ubisoft+) and Epic Games Store—still no Steam release, though.

Corbin Davenport

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