Ubisoft investigating Watch Dogs uPlay Rewards loading bug

Ubisoft is struggling to fix another problem with Watch Dogs, this one related to the redemption of uPlay Rewards content that can prevent the game from loading. The short version is that if you download certain Rewards – Eurogamer says the golden D50 gun and the Papvero Stealth Edition car are the culprits – you may find yourself staring at a loading progress bar that gets to around 90 percent and then refuses to budge.

A Ubisoft forum thread dedicated to the problem actually took root on May 27 and at last check had reached an impressive 202 pages without a solution. Not all players are affected but if you're among those who are, it looks like you're stuck: Many people reporting the bug claim they let the game sit for hours without progress.

Ubisoft has acknowledged that it is a legitimate problem, tweeting on Tuesday, "We're aware some of you are stuck on the loading screen. We're hard at work on isolating the problem to find a fix." It also asked anyone who encounters the bug to submit a ticket to Ubisoft support . In the meantime, until the problem is corrected, you might want to hold off on installing your uPlay "rewards."

Andy Chalk

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