Ubisoft has a plan to deal with Rainbow Six Siege team killers

Rainbow Six Siege Trailer Grab 2

You know how it goes. You're stacked on the door, locked and loaded, the green light is given by Mainguy, Point pops the door, you go in smooth and quick, two-by-two cover formation, and then—BAM!—that dickwad xXx_420BAZOOKABLAZEIT_xXx empties his G36 into your ass. Again.

In the parlance of elite gamers such as ourselves, this sort of trolling is an act known as "team killing," and it is infuriating. Fortunately for the would-be heroes (and villains) of Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft has a plan to deal with team killers. This weekend the publisher tweeted:

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That, unfortunately, all we know thus far: What the plan actually entails remains a mystery. It could be an option to boot players from the server, or maybe transgressors will be penalized Stars or Renown points; Ubisoft could also throw in an option to disable friendly fire and call it a day, although I'm not sure I'd go so far as to call that a "plan."

I've emailed Ubisoft about it and I'll give you the lowdown if and when I receive a reply. Or maybe you'll find out on your own: The Rainbow Six Siege open beta ended today, and it launches tomorrow. Our review is in progress.

Thanks, VG247.

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