Tyrannwarsaurus -- the Orion: Prelude trailer

orion (1)

Another mod is about to become a man. A dinosaur-fighting man, specifically. Orion: Source, one of the better Source-engine multiplayer mods we originally played in 2009 is transitioning into a full, standalone game sometime next year. Whiz developer David Prassel (who, after eating all his greens, has been making games since age 11--and had formed a development team by age 13), mailed along the latest trailer for Orion: Prelude, which I'm happy to share with you within, but not before I deploy my favorite quote from Jurassic Park : "Hold on to your butts."

Loosely stated, we're expecting an amalgam of Unreal Tournament, Halo and Tribes gently shaken up by a wandering Tyrannosaurus, which is totally fine . Vehicles, 30-some weapons and a fully-featured, scripted T-rex opponent waving its tiny arms all around your battlefield are in the works. We should see a beta for Orion: Prelude before the middle of next year. Keep an eye on the magazine's previews section for more information in the coming months.

Evan Lahti
Global Editor-in-Chief

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