Two Point Hospital, the Theme Hospital successor, teases whacky illnesses and how to treat them

Two Point Hospital is a new management sim from the creators of Theme Hospital, that aims to bring the tongue-in-cheek ethos of Bullfrog's late '90s classic to the modern age. As we've seen already, Light Headedness echoes the likes of Bloaty Head and Slack Tongue—and now the game's latest behind-the-scenes short demonstrates who you'll fix it. 

Because if you woke up of a morning with a bulbous, glowing light bulb strapped to your shoulders, you'd want to have it unscrewed by an industrial machine and replaced with a new stockpile capitulum. Right? Who says the taxpayer's money is wasted on the health service.

"They're not very scientific," says Two Point Studios co-founder—and ex Lionhead and Bullfrog veteran—Gary Carr of Two Point Hospital's illnesses and diseases. Which of course is part of the fun.

Two Point Hospital is due at some stage later this year. For more on what it hopes to achieve, check out our interview with the devs in this direction.