Two Point Hospital newsletter signees get a free golden toilet

I can't imagine how stressful running a hospital must be. I can't imagine how stressful curing outlandish illnesses such as Lightheadedness and Mummification must be. I can imagine how digital doctors and directors take a load off in the wake of such situations—courtesy of Two Point Hospital's latest reveal. 

Sign ups for the upcoming hospital management sim's newsletter grants prospective players a free golden toilet. It looks like this:

Several weeks ago, Two Point Hospital developer Two Point Studios launched a 'Hospital Pass' news feed that grants signees access to exclusive promotions and early in-game footage. A free item was promised too—which we now know is the above, following its Rezzed reveal over the weekend. 

"We wanted to wait until we had something really interesting to say, something that really captured the essence of Two Point Hospital," reads a statement. "Something that really delivered… All you need to do to receive this solid gold crap-station, is log onto [the Two Point Hospital website] and sign up follow the instructions to sign up for Hospital Pass. You will of course also need to buy the game at launch!"

Between this and what Two Point showed off at the PC Gamer Weekender, I look forward to checking in and checking out Two Point Hospital's mix of comedy, nostalgia, management simulation and, um, golden thrones.