Two Point Campus will begin testing mod support 'very soon'

Two Point Campus screen
(Image credit: Two Point Studios)

Two Point Campus, the academically-focused sequel to the medical management sim Two Point Hospital, is getting mod support. A release date hasn't been set but developer Two Point Studios said that it hopes to begin beta testing mod support on Steam "very soon."

Two Point Hospital also has mod support, but the studio said that it's aiming for more powerful and flexible options in Two Point Campus. 

"In our previous game, Two Point Hospital, we enabled Steam Workshop and had the ability for players to make their own custom wallpapers, rugs, and so on," the studio wrote. "We wanted to take this a bit further in Two Point Campus though, so for the first time ever, we'll be enabling players to mod actual items in the game!"

Surprisingly, Two Point Campus will not use Steam Workshop, but will instead be tied with in order to enable cross-platform mod support. Two Point Studios said mod support will be rolled out in stages, beginning with item modding and then moving into "other areas of the game."

If you're interested in making mods and would like to check out the beta, you can drop the team an email at for information on getting in. Two Point Studios said having experience with Unity will be "a huge help" for prospective modders, as that's what you'll be using to make your mods. 

And for those who like Two Point Campus but don't care so much about mods, the studio said it will have "lots more to talk about soon."

Andy Chalk

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