Two Point Campus pencils in May launch

Two Point Campus is the long-awaited follow-up to Two Point Hospital, except you'll be operating a college instead of a morbidly funny clinic. The Two Point Studios DNA is definitely intact: this isn't a sober-minded simulator. You'll be training Don Quixotes, hosting cheeseball tournaments, and instructing in the best way to make ginormous pizzas, among lots of other things. All very funny, but none of it undermines what is, at heart, a detailed and robust management sim.

It's not far off, either: the Two Point Campus release date is May 17, when it'll release on Steam. The trailer above sets the general tone, in case you've never played Two Point Hospital and were expecting something more business-like. 

Rachel Watts got an advance look at the game back in June, and it sounds like players will have a lot of freedom to make the college of their choosing. There are new management tools, and the building aspect will no longer be about plonking preset tiles: you'll have a whole lot more freedom in the way you lay out your campus. Oh, and it's not all about learning, you'll need to entertain your students as well.

"There are lots of different archetypes of students walking around campus," Two Point Studios' Craig Laycock said of the game. "You've got your knights alongside more traditional archetypes that we associate with universities like jocks, goths, and nerds. There are all these characters and personalities to contend with." 

Fraser rated Two Point Hospital a glowing score of 87 back in 2018.

Shaun Prescott

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