Two-headed skeletons are punching out cowboys in Red Dead Online

Like many games, Red Dead Online has its share of hackers. I've met a few myself: one who turned me into a living stick of dynamite, one who nuked my horse from orbit, and one who teleported me and every other player onto a tiny sliver of land at the edge of the map. Good times with cherished friends.

Now it appears that Red Dead Online hackers have picked up a ghastly new trick: playing as unkillable two-headed skeletons who have come back from the grave for a few rounds of cowboy boxing. 

The gif above is courtesy of Reddit member Keisenberg_, who was playing Red Dead Online on PC and abruptly had their hat punched off by the dreaded double-headed undead. How about a bit of lead? After pummeling the twin-domed skellie, Keisenberg puts repeated shots into the fleeing ghoul, but it doesn't appear to die.

This isn't the only instance of a two-headed skeleton dragging its dirty bones into RDO—others are reporting the same. Another player says they were attacked by not one but two (2) two-headed skeletons at the same time

Is it a hack? Most likely—you can play as a two-headed skeleton in singleplayer thanks to mods, so this looks a lot like some folks using the mod in online mode. Plus, it's both a bit late and far too early for it to be a Halloween event, and the two-headed skeleton actually does appear in the game itself, though in an inert state, a casualty of the abandoned circus wagons in West Elizabeth.

Thanks, VG247.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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