Twitch streamer left 'traumatised' after stalker travels 700 miles, burns down her car, and nearly sets the house ablaze with her mother inside

Twitch streamer Kylee "justfoxii" Carter has been left "traumatised" after an alleged stalker travelled over 650 miles in order to set fire to her car, creating a blaze which almost took down her house too. Carter, who has around 600,000 followers on Twitch and regularly streams games like Fortnite and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, detailed the disturbing experience—which occurred in mid-May—in a video uploaded to YouTube yesterday (above).

Carter was on vacation and away from home when the arson took place. "I was asleep, it was around two in the morning and my mom called me and woke me up," she explained in her video, "she was crying and I knew something really bad had happened". 

"She said, 'Someone caught your car on fire. I'm so sorry. I have to go, the police are here'". Not knowing what to do, Carter pulled up her home security camera feed on her phone, where she immediately saw her "car in flames". 

Earlier footage clearly shows a partially-masked man placing some kind of box and a circular object on the car's hood, which he sets alight before walking away "casually, like they didn't do anything," explained Carter. Pictures taken after the blaze was extinguished by the fire department show a car beyond saving: Its entire front end melted to slag.

It could have been even worse. Both Carter and a Fox19 report on the incident detailed how the blaze leapt from the car to a nearby fence after it took hold, and even spread to the streamer's house—which both her "mom and animals were inside of"—before firefighters got the situation under control. Carter says the experience has left them all "traumatised in ways that I would never be able to describe".

Carter says "the person who did this … is arrested and the police are handling everything," and Fox19 reports that a 28-year-old man matching the figure in Carter's security footage was found in the area and taken into custody not long after the crime was committed. He is, apparently, from East Meadow, New York, over 650 miles away from Carter's Ohio home. Carter believes he "travelled around 700 miles to come and do this to me".

This is, of course, a dreadful story made all the worse by just how banal and common this kind of unhinged behaviour has become, particularly toward women streamers. It was only two years ago that popular streamer Amouranth's house caught fire, an event which investigators—according to the streamer herself—"strongly suspect" was arson. If it's not fire, it's swatting, harassment, or the dystopian and discomfiting prospect of having your likeness appropriated for deepfake pornography.

"I just never thought that when I started streaming back in 2015 that this would happen to me," said Carter at the conclusion of her video on the attack, "I'm hopefully gonna be back to grinding soon, and I hope you guys understand … I've always loved streaming so much, but it's hard to feel motivated when all of this is happening".

Joshua Wolens
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