Twitch Plays Dark Souls beats first boss

Twitch Plays Dark Souls Asylum Demon

When Shaun told us last week that Twitch was playing Dark Souls he said that it would never succeed, but it's already managed to hit one milestone and beat the first boss.

As reported on the official Dark Souls Facebook page, thousands of users typing commands into chat managed to beat the Asylum Demon in six days and six hours.

There is a catch, however. According to Polygon, those responsible for Twitch Plays Dark Souls have modified the game so that it pauses for 20-30 seconds after each player character action, to give the users time to react to what's going on now rather than—thanks to delay—what happened half a minute ago. During the pause window, users type commands into chat and then the system counts them up and enacts the most popular when the game starts up again.

Does that still count as playing Dark Souls? I'm not sure. But if you want to check it out for yourself, you can watch the stream below: