Twitch has beaten Dark Souls

Dark Souls PC review

As far as I'm concerned, Twitch basically "won" Dark Souls when it beat Orstein and Smough a couple of weeks back. Since then I've tuned out of the playthrough, because nothing really compares to that encounter. That's the peak of the game's difficulty, and it's a relatively easy descent from there.

So it's as a token gesture that I offer to you footage (courtesy of YouTuber whydoyoubark) of Twitch slaying Gwyn Lord of Cinder, the final boss in Dark Souls. The final death count was 904, which is probably considerably less than mine on my first playthrough.

In case you've missed the details, Twitch Plays Dark Souls is a modded version of the game whichs adds regular pauses to allow the Twitch community to plan their moves. The video above has those pauses edited out.

Where to from here for the Twitch Plays Dark Souls community? Dark Souls 2, naturally.

Shaun Prescott

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