Turn Monster Hunter's cat pals into man's true best friend with the Canine Palico mod

I love Monster Hunter World's Palicos. My feline companion rides with me into battle, heals me when I need healing (sometimes), and occasionally even puts a monster to sleep. He looks like kind of a smarmy wise-ass, as most cats are. But I still know in my heart of hearts that dogs are the superior pets, and I love that someone went to great lengths to replace Monster Hunter's palicos with pups in the Canine Palico mod "for those who prefer dogs. Now with sounds!"

There are three things I love about this mod.

1. I can't stop laughing at this picture of a bunch of dogs in armor. Adorable.

2. The earnestness with which modder UberGrainy explains this mod's creation: "I'm not particularly a cat or dog fan, but I know some people wanted a dog partner instead of a cat, so I wanted to see if this kind of MOD is possible. I was trying to make it look like a Shiba dog, but I think the neck needs to be a lot fatter, which causes clipping with most armor. So I reverted the neck to a thinner version."

3. The fact that the dogs still kind of look like cats, which just makes the whole thing even funnier.

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Wes Fenlon
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