Turn-based FPS Lemnis Gate begins beta testing on July 22

Lemnis Gate is a strange looking thing. It's a turn-based strategy FPS on a time loop, a counter-intuitive mashup of genres if there ever was one, but it also somehow seems to work: We were "really impressed" by our recent preview session, saying the game "feels like it borrows just enough from each [genre] to create a unique, yet fast-paced experience where there's always room to improve."

Still, it can be a little tricky to envision the concept, which is where the new developer diary comes into play. It provides a rundown of Lemnis Gate's four different modes—Retrieve XM, Domination, Deathmatch, and Seek and Destroy—and shows off brief gameplay clips from each, and also touches on support for online and offline play.

The big reveal, though, is the date for the promised beta test. Ratloop Games said during the PC Gaming Show in June that a beta would take place in July, and now it's been nailed down to July 22-26. The beta test will include seven characters, each with unique weapons and skills, two game modes (Retrieve XM and Domination), and four maps, all playable in five different match types.

  • 1v1 Turn Based - Each player takes turns playing operatives into the time loop    
  • 2v2 Turn Based - Each player takes turns playing operatives into the time loops one at a time in teams of 2    
  • 2v2 Teammates Play Together - Both players act at the same time on one team, and then the other team get to do the same on their turn.    
  • 1v1 Turn Based local – Each     player takes turns playing operatives into the time loop, by taking turns with a single control method (either swapping seats or passing the controller back and forth)    
  • 2v2 Turn Based Local – Play with friends at home either by swapping seats or passing the controller between all 4 of you

The beta will be accessible through Steam via redemption keys available through the Lemnis Gate Twitter feed and Discord server, as well as Twitch Drops after the beta is live. Ratloop said other ways to get keys will be revealed soon, and promised that "anyone who wants to join will be able to."

Senior community manager Jens Erik Vaaler had some advice for when the action begins. "My main tip for people playing the beta is always keep one step ahead of what [enemies] are planning," he said. "It's very important to think in four dimensions and use the timeloop mechanic as a core part of your strategy."

Lemnis Gate is set to release August 3 on Steam and consoles, and will be included day one on Game Pass. You can get a closer look at what it's all about at lemnisgategame.com.

Andy Chalk

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