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Tt eSports' new mouse has a fingerprint reader because passwords are bad

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Tt eSports thinks passwords are so last decade and today unveiled its solution: the Black FP—a gaming mouse with a finger print reader for your thumb.

The Black FP uses a FIDO (Fast Identity Online) UAF (Universal Authentication Framework) fingerprint sensor which will allow you login to Windows, Facebook, and other websites without having to type in your password. Basically, it means you can have multiple usernames and passwords, and you won't have to remember them all. 

It uses 256-bit AES encyrption, so it's fast, and most importantly, secure. Tt eSports says the biometric sensor takes just 0.2 seconds to read your fingerprint and match it with the server. It's located where your thumb would normally be on the side of the mouse at the front. When you're setting up, you'll enter your Windows password, select the finger you'll be using, and have it take your fingerprint scan. 

As for the actual mouse part of the Black FP, the little critter boasts an Avago 9500 laser sensor, which has a max DPI of 5700, and is adjustable in increments of 100. For fast switching, there are buttons on the top of the mouse to change between four programmable profiles. Plus, it has seven programmable buttons for customization of 35 different macros across 5 profiles. Underneath, you'll find the weight tray, with five 4.5g weights to add in if you like a little more heft when you're gaming. 

In terms of looks, it has a fairly unassuming shape, with red side buttons on the side and top, and some red LEDs around the scroll wheel, DPI indicator, and the "battle dragon" logo on the top of the mouse. The Black FP will cost you $60.