Tropico 6 gets a jaunty GamesCom trailer

Tropico 6 is bringing the (political) party to GamesCom, in an upbeat new trailer that gives a closer look at some of the game’s key features.

The video primarily focusses on the city-building element of the game, which seems to be leaning ever-closer toward the Cities: Skylines approach, offering a highly flexible construction system. Roads and bridges, for example, can be stretched and twisted dynamically. This is useful given they now have to connect multiple islands, as players rule over an entire archipelago this time around.

Tropico 6 also offers extensive customisation of individual buildings, enabling you to design the most extravagant palace imaginable for El Presidente to oppress his people in. Yes, don’t let the sunshine and snazzy buildings fool you, Tropico 6’s republic is still very much bananas, as the trailer demonstrates by coldly assassinating a random civilian for no obvious reason.

You can watch the trailer below. No doubt we’ll find out more about Tropico 6 during GamesCom net week.