Tropico 6 flaunts landmark theft in latest trailer

As the Colosseum rub shoulders with the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty swaps glances with the Sphinx. Across the road, the pyramids face Stonehenge—and while this very well could be the Las Vegas strip, it's not. It's Tropico 6—Kalypso Media and Limbic Entertainment's upcoming construction sim that lets players send spies and pirates to steal world monuments

For the first time, the management-meets-strategy 'em up has players looking after multiple islands, too. The outcome of that might look something like this:

Multiple islands, of course means multiple ways of transporting citizens and tourists—a system made possible by building bridges, constructing tunnels, and setting taxi, bus and aerial cable cars routes.  

In-keeping with the series' humorous and often absurd tone, election speeches return whereby players can "make promises that you can't possibly keep," says publisher Kalypso. Art imitating life and all that. 

We learned more about all of that at last month's PC Gamer Weekender, when the developer caught up with our Samuel on stage. Here's another look at that:

Tropico 6 is due on PC later this year.