Tropico 5 beta registration now open

El Presidente, in his infinite wisdom and kindness, has opened registration for the Tropico 5 beta. If you think you'd be a good leader of a banana republic, you can register for an opportunity to test the game early on publisher Kalypso's website .

You'll need to enter your PC's specifications and a Kalypso forum user account in order to register. Kalypso is specifically looking for players with experience in city-building sims and the Tropico series. Of course, you'll also need to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Our review of Tropico 4 found that it was remarkably entertaining, but that it failed to add much to the formula set in previous games in the series. Tropico 5 aims to address that criticism by adding multiple eras (a first for the series), with players taking El Presidente from the colonial 19th century, through to the future.

Our first look at Tropico 5 found that it maintained its sunny look and tongue-in-cheek tone, while also stepping outside its comfort zone with the aforementioned eras, a new, deeper combat system, and a fresh multiplayer mode.

Tropico 5 is set to release in the second quarter of 2014.