Troll and I out now, drops ear drum-bursting cinematic launch trailer

The troll in Spiral House and Maximum Games' puzzle adventure Troll and I is not happy. I guess that's because it feels unfairly persecuted by humanity—and while that's probably the case, its appearances in trailers up to now have portrayed an angry and dangerous creature who slaps the ground, screams at the top of its lungs, and bats human being around at will. 

Troll and I is out now and its launch trailer does little to dispel this image. Look, see: 

And yet in Troll and I, protagonist Otto is said to side with the eponymous Troll in order to help him escape unjust attacks levied by humankind. In either solo play or with a pal in local couch co-op—the latter of which is outlined around the 0.52 mark above—Otto and Troll are faced with a number of puzzles and obstacles to overcome as they travel the "majestic mountains and lush forests of Scandinavia."

Human hunters and mythical orcs pose an omnipresent threat, and a combination of the two leading characters' abilities is often required to succeed.

"Otto and Troll possess special contrasting abilities that complement one another’s strengths and weaknesses," says Maximum Games. "Troll is known for his highly damaging attacks that can crush enemies in a single blow, while Otto incorporates a stealthier approach to take down enemies. 

"In addition, Otto and Troll can cohesively act as one to defend themselves against their foes. With a dynamic duo like Otto and Troll, the local split-screen co-op feature allows for a shared collaboration between friends, playing side by side."

Troll and I is out now for PC via Steam, and costs £31.99/$39.99 with a limited time 20 percent launch discount. Before you go, here's another look at the in-game footage short which landed last month: