Trike: an arcade shooter suffering from an unfortunate bout of worms

Worm-based indie games have been a little thin on the ground since 2007's Death Worm , but the invertebrates are back with a vengeance in Sebastian Janisz's Trike, an arcade shooter that puts you on the other side of the great People-Worm war that nearly claimed Kevin Bacon's life in Tremors.

The game plays like a mixture of Snake and Asteroids – if you replace said asteroids with, as Janisz puts it, “a growing mass of writhing worms”. Once you've stopped screaming, note the presence of a demo version , which offers up one difficulty level of endless worm-clearing action. Janisz is also offering free copies of the game to anyone who upvotes it on Greenlight , but only for a limited time. At the time of writing, there are only 876 left, so if you're interested you might want to get a wriggle on. Icky trailer below.

Tom Sykes

Tom loves exploring in games, whether it’s going the wrong way in a platformer or burgling an apartment in Deus Ex. His favourite game worlds—Stalker, Dark Souls, Thief—have an atmosphere you could wallop with a blackjack. He enjoys horror, adventure, puzzle games and RPGs, and played the Japanese version of Final Fantasy VIII with a translated script he printed off from the internet. Tom has been writing about free games for PC Gamer since 2012. If he were packing for a desert island, he’d take his giant Columbo boxset and a laptop stuffed with PuzzleScript games.