Which Tribes of Midgard class to choose

Tribes of Midgard classes
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When it comes to the various Tribes of Midgard classes, it's not obvious which to go for at first? The Viking ARPG is hectic from the moment you jump in—these handy Tribes of Midgard tips can help if you're feeling a little overwhelmed—so you'd be forgiven for missing the fact that classes exist as you rush to get ready for the first enemy invasion. 

Once you've got a couple of runs under your belt and you're starting to feel more comfortable with how everything works, you might want to turn your attention to the different classes available and which suits your playstyle. Here's what you need to know about classes in Tribes of Midgard, and how to unlock them.

Tribes of Midgard classes: How to unlock them 

There are eight classes, with two available from the start. The other six have specific unlock requirements, but the good news is that once acquired, you'll be able to play them in future runs. In fact, some of the classes require more than one run to unlock. 

Each class has its own skill tree, and 'Blessings' are used to activate the nodes within each. You'll earn a Blessing point each time you level up, and once you commit your first one, that class is locked to you for the remainder of that run. But as Saga mode is pretty brutal, you'll have the chance to try out different classes on subsequent playthroughs.

The best class for playing Tribes of Midgard solo is largely dependent on your playstyle. Both beginning classes—Warrior and Ranger—are viable. Both can use melee weapons or a bow, though the individual skill trees will usually lean more towards one than the other. Classes you can unlock tend to lend themselves more towards co-op play, though there are exceptions here too, so it's worth trying them out to see which works for you.

Here are the Tribes of Midgard classes:


Strength: Melee damage dealer
How to unlock: from the start—no requirements.


Strength: Ranged damage dealer
How to unlock: from the start—no requirements.


Strength: Trap specialist
How to unlock: activate all Shrines in a world (Saga mode).


Strength: Tank
How to unlock: defeat three Jotnar in a world (Saga mode).


Strength: Shield-oriented/defensive
How to unlock: block 25 attacks in ten seconds in a world (Saga mode).


Strength: Melee damage dealer
How to unlock: defeat 20 enemies in ten seconds in a world (Saga mode).


Strength: Debuff-oriented
How to unlock: use the Bifrost to exit ten worlds (Saga mode).


Strength: Support
How to unlock: survive beyond Day 15 in a world (Saga mode).

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