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Tribes: Ascend is halving the XP cost of in-game unlocks

If your Spinfusor shots are straight and true, and your grabs quicker than a llama, there's a good chance you've built up a nice XP stockpile in Tribes: Ascend. If so, it's time for a shopping spree. Last night, Hi-Rez CEO Todd Harris posted on the Tribes forum to say, "Effective immediately, we've cut all the item XP prices in half."

According to Harris, the move has been made in response to some common feedback from the community: that new users would have more fun if items could be unlocked faster. Sounds like a reasonable assumption.

"No guarantees on how long it will stick," Harris adds. "Long enough to measure whether it positively affects the new user experience or not; and also see player feedback on forums/etc."

This is Hi-Rez experimenting then; seeing how a major shift to the game's system affects Tribes' meta-game and player retention. Still, whatever the reasons, and however long the test lasts, the short term result is great for Tribes players new and old.

Via Reddit .

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